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Below, I provide gear reviews of various types of equipment, mostly related to kayaking, like gloves, paddles or boats.

A good metric of whether a piece of gear is of good value is whether you would replace it with the same(or new model) of the product when it gets lost or damaged. Or, if you would look for something else.

If you find that you would replace it, it is probably a good value or fit for your needs and if not, it might not of been worth buying. I try to include this in my descriptions of kayaking gear, so if you see an “I’d by it again” rating, it means I think it is a pretty solid(or at least a good value) product.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties

As a kayaker, the quest to find comfortable and practical shoes is something that most people spend a good deal of time(and possibly money on.) Among whitewater boaters, actual shoes like Astral’s Brewer are often quite popular. Others prefer dive booties or booties more geared towards kayaykers, like NRS’s Freestyle or Desperado water shoe. I’ve … Continue reading Gear Review: Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties

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2015 Dagger/Wilderness Systems Footbrace Recall

Last weekend while at the beach, both the footbraces in my Dagger Alchemy broke. The footpeg on the right snapped first while breaking out through the surf and the left footpeg snapped about 30 minutes later. As it turns out, there was a recall for 2015 model confluence boats(Dagger/Wilderness Systems) that used the KeeperXL and … Continue reading 2015 Dagger/Wilderness Systems Footbrace Recall

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