Gear Review: Glacier Glove Premium Waterproof Gloves

After having durability issues with a pair of NRS Maverick gloves, I solicited some advice from KayakHipster when we commented on the same Reddit thread and he recommended I try out Glacier Glove Premium Waterproof Gloves. I gave them a shot and have been quite pleased with them, although have only had them for about 5 months now.

Unlike the Maverick Gloves, Glacier Gloves do not have a molded/elastic style cuff and instead use a piece of Velcro strap to form a seal with the wrist. They are made of 2MM Neoprene and have a fleece lining. The model I went with are referred to as the Perfect Curve Glove, as the fingers have a curve at the knuckle which I believe is intended to prevent fatigue. The curve seems to work well and is a good fit, as when I’m using them, my fingers are typically wrapped around the paddle shaft.

The gloves work great over the cuff of a drysuit, as because there is no elasticity to the glove’s cuff, it slides over the drysuit easily and forms a water tight seal. However, even when you wear them without a dry suit, they work well and are quite comfortable.

One of the things I like about these gloves is how much more durable they feel. You still need to be careful, but I am much less worried about them tearing if I grab something like I do with the NRS Maverick’s which tore when I was pushing a branch out of my way the first time I used them. I have had to do one repair on them with some Neoprene Glue, but this is due to a paddling problem I have and not really indicative of the gloves quality.

About the only ‘problem’ I’ve had with them is they are really warm gloves, so with the fleece, they don’t make great summer gloves. However, this isn’t really a downside and I’ve still paddled with them during the summer. Just like most things, you have to get them wet to cool off.

For me, these have proved to be really solid gloves and the way they integrate with a drysuit is awesome! They are super warm during the winter and provide a nice fit.

Rating: I’d by it again

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