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Kayak Review: Dagger Alchemy 14S

After several years of owning my Dagger Alchemy 14.0S, I have finally gotten around to writing up a review on it. When I first got my Alchemy, I had been paddling a Necky Manitou 13 for a year or two and while the Manitou is an awesome boat in its own right, moving to the Alchemy really helped me to skill up, as it feels much more like a proper kayak.

These days, while I don’t use it as much and it wouldn’t be my first choice for use on the ocean or lake, I still use it frequently on the river and have no plans on getting rid of the boat. For a plastic boat, it is still incredibly kayaky and made of rather thick plastic compared to other similar models.

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Perception Sport Rhythm 11 Kayak Review

The Perception Sport Rhythm was my first Kayak and while I quickly outgrew it, it was a great low cost kayak to learn on(read scratch up) without going out and spending a lot on something I wasn’t sure I would enjoy(or scratch up 😉 ). I ended up putting a number of miles on this … Continue reading Perception Sport Rhythm 11 Kayak Review

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