Last Ocean Surf Session of 2018

I was fortunate enough to get one more beach surf session in this year. On Saturday, a buddy and I paddled out Bogue Inlet to play.

We paddled around 13 miles and played mostly near the point of Emerald Isle, where there is often some fun confused seas.

At least in my case, I think it was less skill and more the conditions, but both of us noticed we were having a lot of luck straightening out our broaches than usual.

Here are several side surfs from this session.

I also caught a few nice rides. I think my favorite is the last one in the below clip, as my continuation stroke from brace, to forward stroke, to rudder felt really good.

While this will be my last ocean kayak of 2018, I am hoping to get to the Dam one more time before the end of the year, unless they crank the release back up tomorrow.

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