Confused Seas at Emerald Isle(My Favorite Playspot)

A friend and I spent this Saturday kayaking at Emerald Isle. We paddled around 15 miles, working against the tide for about 6 of them, so it felt more like 20+. We started by paddling about 3 miles off shore to check out two big buoys, before doing a beach landing on Emerald Isle and cooling off in the surf. Then, we paddled back to Bogue Inlet to do some surfing.

One of my favorite places to play at Emerald Isle is just off the point of Emerald Isle by Bogue Inlet. There is a sand bar here, where there is almost always some nice shoaling, especially at low tide. As a result, you can usually count on an area of confused seas, as well as sometimes some nicely lined up waves, to play in.

Even on days where there is really light swell and no wind, there is usually some places to play. This area is also relatively forgiving, as on two or three sides, it will usually end up calming down pretty quickly.

These are a couple videos from playing at the beach last Saturday:

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