Back to the Beach

Due to some scheduling issues, it has been awhile since I have been able to make it out to the beach to do some ocean kayaking. However, this weekend, I spent an afternoon playing at Emerald Isle with a friend. Magic Seaweed had the surf conditions at about 1-2 feet, building towards the end of the day. The surfing wasn’t great, but it was, as it usually is, a great day. We played a little in the surf, then headed over to Bear Island, did a beach landing, and headed back across Bogue inlet. On the way back to Emerald Isle, we practiced a T-Rescue in some rough water and then did a bit more playing at the beach.

It ended up being a relatively short day 15 mile day, of which about 7 miles was playing in the surf.

Below are two videos from the day…I’m still learning with the gopro, so the angle of these is not ideal. I think there is too much sky in the video, so need to angle the camera down a bit more.

Roll Practice

I did several rolls in the (light) surf, as this is good practice. I missed one the first time, but made it on my second attempt:

Even though the surfing wasn’t great, we got plenty of rough water practice. This is a video of us crusing through a little shoaling.

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