Practice at the Pool

I have been going to the pool now for two years, so that I can practice rolling and other rescue techniques, as well as just mess around, in a safe environment. During my first year, while learning to roll, I was at the pool almost every weekend. However, I have scaled that down some this year, although have still been a fair amount to both the Raleigh and Chapel Hill roll practices this year.

Last weekend, my buddy took the below video of me playing around in my Pyranha Inazone.

Seeing your self paddle can be pretty helpful when identifying issues. For instance, I think I need to keep my off hand a bit closer when rolling. Another interesting thing, which I already knew, but was kind of cool to see in video, was that my offside roll is more like a c-to-c roll than a sweep roll. I was taught/learned the sweep roll and whenever I try to do a c-to-c when thinking about it, it doesn’t come out that great. However, my off-side just kind of naturally migrated to that. I imagine this is because the coordination required to sweep is probably a little less than the c-to-c, so it is probably a bit easier for me to do.

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