Cruising Around Robertson Millpond Preserve

Last weekend, I decided to make a short trip out to Robertson Millpond Preserve in Wendell to checkout the bald cypress trees. If you haven’t been, it is pretty neat experience. There is a short paddle trail, marked by buoys, which you can follow and wind your way through the park.

The brochure indicates that there are 16 buoys making a half mile trail, however, there are actually around 70, which allow you to make a loop back to the put-in. I’m not sure the total distance, but it is still pretty short. When I went, I made 4 or 5 laps around and did a little playing off trail.

It can get a little tight towards the buoys 59-70 or so, but was otherwise easy to navigate. While there, a guy on a stand up paddle board took a swim, as the fin on his board caught a branch or root, which didn’t look like that much fun as the water is pretty murky. Aside from just the neat experience of being able to kayak through a swamp, it has a place to wash off your boat when done too, which is nice. Unfortunately, it is only open on the weekends, but is definitely worth checking out at least once if you are in the area!

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